Nebraska Instructor 12-Hour Renewal Class



The Nebraska 12-Hour Instructor Renewal Class includes:

HIV/AIDS – 1 hour
Sanitation and Sterilization – 1 hour
Environmental Issues – 1 hour
Human Trafficking – 1 hour
*The Essentials of Hair and Direction of Current Trends – 1 hour
*Manicure Types and Trends – 1 hour
*Pedicures: Anatomy and Abnormalities – 1 Hour
*Chemical Makeup of Skin, Hair and Nails – 1 hour

Teaching Methodologies – 4 hours

*Nebraska statute states “The mandatory 4 hours must be learning how to perform the skills or services of your profession.”



Instructors of cosmetologists, estheticians, electrologists and  nail technicians must complete at least 12 hours of acceptable continuing education hours.

Licenses issued by the Department expire as follows:  

  1. Cosmetology instructors on December 31 of each even-numbered
  2. Electrology instructors on July 31 of each odd-numbered
  3. Esthetic instructors on September 30 of each even-numbered
  4. Nail technology instructors on December 31 of each odd-numbered


Nebraska Rules

01.01 INSTRUCTORS. To renew an instructor license, an individual must also renew his or her applicable cosmetology, electrology, esthetic, or nail technology license.

01.02 INSTRUCTOR HOURS. In addition to the 8 hours required for a cosmetologist, electrologist, esthetician or nail technology license, instructors must complete at least 4 additional hours of continuing education. These 4 hours must be earned in at least one of the following areas:

  1. Teaching styles;
  2. Learning styles;
  3. Personality types;
  4. Presentation methods;
  5. Lesson planning;
  6. Test development;
  7. Teaching difficult students;
  8. Language class;
  9. Record keeping;
  10. Motivation;
  11. Multimedia technology, including power point, or computer training;
  12. Resume writing English grammar; or
  13. Other similar topics.