Iowa 6-Hour Renewal Class



The Iowa 6-Hour Renewal Class includes:

Statutes and Rules for Cosmetologists in Iowa – 1 hour

Sanitation and Sterilization – 1 hour

The Essentials of Hair and Direction of Current Trends – 1 hour

Manicure Types and Trends – 1 hour

Pedicures: Anatomy and Abnormalities – 1 Hour

Chemicals Makeup of Skin, Hair and Nails – 1 hour

The Board no longer reviews and approves continuing education programs. To renew, a licensee must have completed at least six hours of continuing education; four hours must be learning how to perform the skills or services of your profession.


One active cosmetology related license: 6 hours of continuing education including at least 4 hours specific to the licensed discipline and at least 2 hours specific to Iowa cosmetology rules and laws and infection control.

The biennial continuing education compliance period shall begin on April 1 of one year and end on March 31 two years later.